On A Chive Kick

I took my lunch break at the farmer's market today. It was such a nice treat to get outside and walk around after a busy morning. There were a bunch of vendors that I haven't seen before and I happily sampled my way through them. My favorites included non-dairy ice cream sold by an adorable mom and daughter duo (perfect on a 90 degree day) and grass fed ground beef, which was surprisingly succulent. Unfortunately they were just too expensive. That's the one problem I have with these markets. I'm all for supporting local, but I'm not made of money!

I ended up with a bunch of garlic scapes, which I'm hoping to make into pesto, a head of kohlrabi, a small container of carrot miso dressing, and some dry garlic chive pappardelle. The pasta was a splurge, but it sounded interesting. And the vendor was tying up the bunches with a beautiful ribbon. I couldn't resist :)

I thought about the pasta all afternoon and decided to have it with dinner. I cooked it up for 7 minutes, drizzled it with a little olive oil, minced chives and feta. It was so simple and so delicious. Just..yum. The feta was a little older and had a nice tang to it, which paired beautifully with the bite of the chives.

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