Welcome to my Kitchen!

A little about what you'll find here:
This blog is essentially a large format version of the little black moleskin journal I keep in my purse where I jot down recipes, meal ideas and memories I want to hang on to. I'm happy to share my thoughts and culinary creations, but keep in mind they are just that - a home cook's concoctions to use up whatever is in the house. I'm in no way trying to compete with the myriad of food blogs out there, but instead I like to think that you can come here when you need an idea on how to use up extra of the ingredients you bought to use in their recipes! I'm excellent at making leftovers and random ingredients come to life. 

A few things about me:
I am a simple cook, but an adventurous eater. As for my cooking confession? I have a way of making leftovers better than the original. It's a skill. I'm a big proponent of the "a little of this, a little of that"method of cooking. It may make for less than accurate recipes, but that's just how I cook. Make sure you taste along the way and you'll do just fine! I have an extensive collection of cookbooks (I read them like novels) and I love tea towels. Being able to travel is a gift and I'm always dreaming of where to go next.

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