Not Your Childhood Tuna Sandwich

One of my strengths in the kitchen is making good use of leftovers. I guess I tend to allow myself more creative freedom in my redo than I do with my first go-round. It's always a satisfying feeling knowing that you can make something out of seemingly nothing, like in the case of this tuna sandwich.  

During the week, I find it important to pack breakfast and lunches for us to take work. Something yummy and homemade, perhaps with a cute note tucked inside the bag to make sure there is at least something to smile about! But what happens when you don't have leftovers or cold cuts in your fridge and you really don't have the time during the busy day to step out for lunch? Then it's pb&j to the rescue! Or ingenuity and a can or two of tuna that you forgot you had hiding away in your pantry :)

I was all set to make some awesome pb&j's one morning, my specialty, but then I remembered that illusive tuna just waiting to be put to good use. My Momma always taught me that you need something creamy and crunchy to make a good tuna fish sandwich, the standard for most being mayo and celery. Not in my kitchen! For one, I don't have celery in my fridge at the moment, and two, I've got some fruit that needs to be consumed.

Tuna Fish, redo
Yield: 2-3 sandwiches, depending on size

2 (5 oz) cans tuna fish (I tend to buy the ones packed in water or broth)
Something creamy, enough to bind the ingredients (~1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt + 3 T of mayo + 1 T Dijon mustard)
Something crunchy, enough to act as filler and flavor (1 small bunch grapes + 10 whole cranberries + 1 carrot, all chopped fine)
A splash of red or rice wine vinegar
Bread of choice


Mash everything together, through vinegar, in a bowl. Cut open your bread and top with arugula and tuna fish. Done.

What I love about this recipe is that you can used whatever you have on hand for the "something crunchy." The sweetness of the grapes balances the overall saltiness of the dish and makes it less fishy tasting, while the cranberries and arugula add a true punch of flavor from their bitterness and tartness. I've also paired apples with the cranberries in this recipe, which works just as well. 

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