In My Garden

Good evening, all! I just came in from watering my freshly planted garden. This will be the first spring in the new place, so last week I bought some seeds and got to getting my hands dirty! In went some lavender, sunflowers and wildflowers.


I tell you, I haven't found anything more therapeutic, not even yoga, than getting getting into the garden and taking care of what you put into the ground. Even the simple act of watering the plants is calming to me. I was so stressed out the other day I just couldn't wait to get home from work to tend to my flowers!

My mom instilled in me an appreciation of gardening from an early age. I used to love sitting in the grass with my sketchbook and draw all of the beautiful flowers around me, and when the Candytuft went to seed, I would grab them by the handful and head off, sprinkling them around the yard. Flowers weren't the only thing that we grew, though. My mom always kept an abundant vegetable garden. She kept detailed notes on her garden and drew out her plots each year, noting what did well and what didn't so she could rotate crops and improve upon in the next year. Something to admire! I can't wait to have a large enough yard to get in a proper vegetable garden. For now, pots and barrels will have to do for some herbs and perhaps tomatoes and peppers!

I can't wait until this scene has tall, colorful beauties in it!

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