Worldly Winter Stew

This stew is a collaborative effort with my Ghanaian roommate. We both have a love of food, but we also have similar health issues, so this stew has lots of gut-healing ingredients. It's a mix and match kind of dish, with influences from Africa and India by way of Italy. A very international dish, don't you think?

1/2-1 lb goat meat, fat trimmed
4 cups chicken broth (or water and low-sodium chicken bouillon)
2 tsp turmeric
2 tsp ground ginger
salt to taste
1-2 tsp Adobo seasoning
1-2 tsp italian seasoning blend
1-2 tsp garlic powder
1 handful carrots, cut into 1 in. pieces
1 handful green beans, cut into 1 in. pieces
1 large white or orange sweet potato, cut into 1 in. pieces
1-2 tsp whole grain mustard
1/4-1/2 a cabbage, rough cut
2 oz. GF pasta

(we didn't measure any of the spices, just sprinkled in enough until it looked right -- the pinch and pour method I grew up on)

Place the goat meat in cold broth/water with your spices and bring to a boil. Reduce to a simmer and allow the meat to cook until it falls apart, about 2 hours (we didn't dice our meat ahead of time). Toward the end (about an hour and a half in), add the carrots, green beans and sweet potato along with the mustard. Skim the fat if there is any. Once the vegetables are tender, add the cabbage and pasta and cook until the pasta is al dente. Check your seasonings and adjust to taste. 

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